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Ulura Solutions specialise in IT installation and maintenance. We take responsibility for installing, maintaining and supporting computer communication networks within and between organisations.

We provide IT support, installation and maintenance for your new server hardware and software infrastructure and allocating network resources. Once your hardare is set up, we will support you in setting up user accounts, monitor network usage, provide remote support and ensure cost-effective and efficient use of servers.

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Dedicated IT Installation Team

Our expert team can install network hardware for businesses or any size. With many years specialising in fibre optics and IT installation, Ulura Solutions will implement a comprehensive network infrastructure that meets your business needs.

Active network equipment such as switches and routers can be supplied pre-configured based on your needs. We ensure that your equipment is installed onto the network and rigorously tested. This means that your network is secure and reliable.

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IT Maintenance

Ulura Solutions are experts in delivering proactive ongoing IT maintenance. While we are able to respond to problems as they arise, proactive maintenance of your network ensures the quality and integrity of your systems at all times. This allows us to anticipate potential problems and resolve them before they start negatively affecting your business

With a constant improvement of hardware and software products, proactive maintenance ensures the optimal productivity of your workplace. We offer support services on your new and existing products from standard 8 hour to 24/7.

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What our clients say

Ulura Solutions provided our brand new office with a full spectrum of hardware and networking infrastructure. Their expert advice and service made our new office transition seamless and their continued support keeps us up and running. I would highly recommend them.

- Mike, MRS Systems

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